FACTORY SECONDS - Tyger Canvas Sheath

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Old Style Canvas Sheath to Suit the Tyger Blade or the Tyger Cub.

These pouches were made but not quite meeting the requirements we need for our products. Each one has it's own unique markings/faults, Some are odd shapes, sewn crooked, or some have faded canvas. The main problem is they have been made without the fullness so when using with a Tyger digging tool the tools are tight and therefore may cause damage.

heavy duty DX12 canvas that has a opening in the bottom to stop dirt from collecting. Velcro strap to hold tool in place. 

Approx Measurements - 335mm Long.

135mm at top tapering down to 55mm.

*Please note that these are sold as is. Each one has it's own faults. We are only covering cost of postage and materials.