Tyger Cub Combo

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Tyger Cub Combo

Tyger Cub

Made from Stainless Steel, Tig Welded, Laser Cut serrations.
Total Length - 290mm
Head - 80mm at widest point, tapering down to 60mm at beginning of serrations.
Head length - 160mm

Approx. weight - 400g


Designed with a large palm plate/grip that allows the operator to place their body weight onto the tip. Then by simply moving the shovel side to side allows the Cub to penetrate the soil with ease.




Measures in at 240mm long.

35mm wide handle, tapering down to 10mm.

4mm thick.

Approximate Weight: 150g

Paracord wrapped for comfort, grip with lanyard loop.

Made from high strength and long-lasting steel.

High abrasion resistance.

Quenched and tempered.

No sharp edges.


 Precision ground engagement tool. Ideal for shallow target recovery with minimal ground disturbance. Also works great as a secondary tool for finding targets within plugs.


* Please note that each tool is handmade and therefore may be differences in dimensions/finishes.

* Also, rubber grips and para cord may differ from photos due to stock availability.